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Lovely as usual guys

David, 18 Oct 2019

Delicious food and always very fast.

Piotr, 17 Oct 2019

Always great food and friendly service

Laura, 14 Oct 2019

Always good value for money

David Hall, 27 Sep 2019

Lovely food

Sharna, 21 Sep 2019

great food

Netty, 19 Sep 2019

Great tasting pizza

Dom, 17 Sep 2019


Matthew, 16 Sep 2019

Great food ; occasionally slow delivery as we don’t live far away. but doesn’t make a difference to food quality. Never had a bad one!

Shelinni , 13 Sep 2019


Lovely tastey food.

Debbie, 13 Sep 2019

Great food, superb time, great lads.

Jules, 11 Sep 2019


Always really service. Polite, efficient service all the time. Food always tastes good. Keep up the good work

Emma, 08 Sep 2019

Fave chip shop, always a decent portion of chips and happy and friendly staff.

Amber, 08 Sep 2019

Too hot to eat on delivery. Fantastic. I've never had a delivery so fast.

Matthew, 07 Sep 2019


Lovely hot food delivered fast ☆☆☆☆☆

Jo, 06 Sep 2019


Lovely food everytime.

Danielle, 03 Sep 2019

Excellent pizzas as always.

Carol, 03 Sep 2019

Great food, very quick no problems so far!

Gemma, 01 Sep 2019

Amazing service

Kallum, 01 Sep 2019

Nice food friendly people,sompleased to have found this place.

Anthony, 31 Aug 2019

Super quick tonight,thanks.

Jason, 31 Aug 2019

Fantastic service, fantastic food

Lindsay , 30 Aug 2019

Fantastic service, fantastic food

Lindsay , 30 Aug 2019

thank you

Lisa, 30 Aug 2019

Much much better this week thankyou

Wendy, 22 Aug 2019

Love the service wedsite is easy to use. And really cheap anyone can afford to eat fast foods. Used to go to a different take away stop but they have a £17 spend limit and that's to much for 2 people really live the staff it's quick and easy.

Kallum, 22 Aug 2019